Mental health is just as important as physical health

Mental health is physical health. I preach that a lot on my social media because, simply put, it’s true. At the risk of sounding educational and writing this like a school paper, I want to inform you of just a few things. Mental health is physical health. I said this already. Got it. But knowing […]

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February 2020 Contributor: Kayla McKern

Trigger warning: self harm, suicide, substance abuse, panic attacks, bullying This is really hard for me to write because people only know part of my story, and I was terrified to share it. But I was given the opportunity to share my story thanks to Ali! I also wanted to share my story in hopes […]

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January 2020 Contributor: Dani Kennedy

Heavy burdens keep close company… (lyrics by Kelsey Sprague) To those of you who know me, some of these things might come as a surprise. But maybe it will all make sense… To those who don’t know me, hi! I swear I’m okay. I’m working on things. That’s what’s so great about what Ali is […]

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