“Journal #1”

“Journal #1” (November 20, 2008)

The music is around me, in my head, in my eyes, in my hands. I’m writing it now, flowing so gently on the paper with the words falling from my heart, to my head, to my lead.

Don’t bother meI’m thinking.

My heart says write this, write that.

I love this; it makes me whole.

Symphonies of my own flow in my head. You will hear them one day, this I promise. Don’t think. Don’t worry. Just write, I tell myself. Just write.

I rush to my stereo, turn up the volume. The speakers move like they are dancing to the rhythm. They are. They love all types of music. Turn up the volume. Watch them dance.

The music is all around me; in my heart, in my hand.

Don’t ever take it away.