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Mental health is just as important as physical health

Mental health is physical health. I preach that a lot on my social media because, simply put, it’s true. At the risk of sounding educational and writing this like a school paper, I want to inform you of just a few things. Mental health is physical health. I said this already. Got it. But knowing […]

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Let go of the rocks!

I’ve had a hard time letting go throughout my entire life. With people, with things, with memories, with actions or behaviors… it’s just hard for me to let go. I’ve always held on so tightly that it affects my own mental health, and if it’s holding on to a person, it doesn’t affect them. And […]

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Is This Our New Normal?

Is this the new normal? There’s no way to know that, but there is hope in knowing that this virus will die down. One thing that is important to remember: if we want to flatten the curve, we have to listen to the guidelines given to us. There are a lot of people out of […]

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